Audio Posts (So Far). [Updated 8/26/14]


The majority of them at least.

This would probably make the best playlist ever. For MJ fans…

[x] Jackson 5 | 2-4-6-8
[x] Jackson 5 | A Fool For You
[x] Jackson 5 | ABC [Alternate Version][Alternate Take]
[x] Jackson 5 | ABC [Rough Studio Mix]
[xJackson 5 | Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
[x] Jackson 5 | Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
[x] Jackson 5 | Boogie Man
[x] Jackson 5 | Born To Love You
[x] Jackson 5 | Breezy
[x] Jackson 5 | Buttercup
[x] Jackson 5 | Can You Remember
[x] Jackson 5 | Can’t Hurry Love
[x] Jackson 5 | Coming Home
[x] Jackson 5 | Dancing Machine [Alternate Version][Alternate Take]
[x] Jackson 5 | Dancing Machine [Original  LP Version]
[x] Jackson 5 | Darling Dear [Stripped Version]
[x] Jackson 5 | Doctor My Eyes
[x] Jackson 5 | Don’t Know Why I Love You [Live At The Forum]
[x] Jackson 5 | Don’t Let Your Baby Catch You
[x] Jackson 5 | Everybody Is A Star
[x] Jackson 5 | Get It Together
[x] Jackson 5 | Give Love On Christmas Day [Acapella]
[x] Jackson 5 | I Am Love
[x] Jackson 5 | I Hear A Symphony
[x] Jackson 5 | If I Don’t Love You This Way
[x] Jackson 5 | If I Have To Move A Mountain
[xJackson 5 | It’s Great To Be Here
[x] Jackson 5 | Just Because I Love You
[x] Jackson 5 | Label Me Love
[x] Jackson 5 | Love Call
[x] Jackson 5 | Maybe Tomorrow [Live, Goin’ Back To Indiana Special]
[x] Jackson 5 | Money Honey
[x] Jackson 5 | Moving Violation
[x] Jackson 5 | One Day I’ll Marry You
[x] Jackson 5 | Ooh, I’d Love To Be With You
[x] Jackson 5 | Penny Arcade
[x] Jackson 5 | Pride and Joy
[x] Jackson 5 | Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide From Love)
[x] Jackson 5 | Reflections
[x] Jackson 5 | Superstition [Live from Japan]
[x] Jackson 5 | Through Thick And Thin
[x] Jackson 5 | To Know
[x] Jackson 5 | Touch
[x] Jackson 5 | Uppermost
[x] Jackson 5 | What You Don’t Know
[x] Jackson 5 | Who’s Lovin’ You [Live At The Forum][1970]
[x] Jackson 5 | Would Ya? Would Ya?
[x] The Jacksons | Ben [Live][Triumph Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Bless His Soul
[x] The Jacksons | Blues Away
[x] The Jacksons | Dancing Machine [Live][Destiny Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Different Kind Of Lady
[x] The Jacksons | Different Kind Of Lady [Alternate Version][Picture Disc]
[x] The Jacksons | Dreamer
[x] The Jacksons | Even Though You’re Gone
[x] The Jacksons | Everybody
[x] The Jacksons | Find Me A Girl
[x] The Jacksons | Get It Together [Live][Destiny Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Give It Up
[x] The Jacksons | I Am Love [Live][Destiny Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Keep On Dancing [Live][Destiny Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Off The Wall [Live][Triumph Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)[Special 12” Mix]
[x] The Jacksons | She’s Out Of My Life [Live][Triumph Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Show You The Way To Go
[x] The Jacksons | Style Of Life
[x] The Jacksons | That’s What You Get (For Being Polite)
[x] The Jacksons | Things I Do For You [Live][Destiny Tour]
[x] The Jacksons | Think Happy
[x] The Jacksons | Walk Right Now
[x] The Jacksons | Your Ways
[x] Michael Jackson | Burn This Disco Out
[x] Michael Jackson | Can’t Get Outta The Rain
[x] Michael Jackson | Dapper Dan
[x] Michael Jackson | Dear Michael 
[x] Michael Jackson | Don’t Let It Get You Down
[x] Michael Jackson | Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough [Demo]
[x] Michael Jackson | Euphoria
[x] Michael Jackson | Get On The Floor
[x] Michael Jackson | Girlfriend
[x] Michael Jackson | Give Me Half A Chance
[x] Michael Jackson | Got To Be There [Stripped Mix]
[x] Michael Jackson | Here I Am
[x] Michael Jackson | I Can’t Help It
[x] Michael Jackson | I Was Made To Love Her
[x] Michael Jackson | It’s The Falling In Love
[x] Michael Jackson | Maria (You Were The Only One)
[x] Michael Jackson | Off The Wall Medley [HIStory Tour]
[x] Michael Jackson | One Day In Your Life
[x] Michael Jackson | Rock With You [Acapella]
[x] Michael Jackson | Rock With You [Q-tip Remix]
[x] Michael Jackson | She’s Out Of My Life [Demo]
[x] Michael Jackson | Sunset Driver 
[x] Michael Jackson | Things I Do For You [Live][Bad Tour]
[x] Michael Jackson | We’re Almost There [DJ Spinna Remix]
[x] Michael Jackson | We’ve Got Forever
[x] Michael Jackson | What Goes Around Comes Around
[x] Michael Jackson | When I Come Of Age
[x] Michael Jackson | When You Wish Upon A Star
[x] Michael Jackson | With A Child’s Heart
[x] Michael Jackson | With A Child’s Heart [Stripped Version]
[x] Michael Jackson | Workin’ Day And Night
[x] Michael Jackson | Workin’ Day And Night [Demo]
[x] Michael Jackson | Workin’ Day And Night [Immortal Version]
[x] Michael Jackson | You Can’t Win [Movie Version]
[x] Michael Jackson | You’ve Got A Friend

[xCarole Bayer Sager | Just Friends ft. Michael Jackson 
[x] The Brothers Johnson | This Had To Be ft. Michael Jackson [Background Vocals/Adlibs]
[xDave Mason | Save Me ft. Michael Jackson 
[xJackie Jackson | Do I Owe [Background Vocals]
[x] Janelle Monae | Lettin’ Go!
[x] Joe “King” Carrasco and The Crowns | Don’t Let A Woman (Make A Fool Out of You) ft. Michael Jackson
[x] Minnie Riperton | I’m In Love Again ft. Michael Jackson 
[x] Quincy Jones | The Dude
[x] Stevie Wonder | All I Do ft. Michael Jackson [Background Vocals]


[x] Michael Jackson | Lisa, It’s Your Birthday

I’ve been fixing the ones that were down. I’m still working on it but if you guys find any let me know.

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